Pronunciation: "RAZZ-ehth"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: A-

Adult Size

Height: 2.64m (8'8'')
Weight: 1.5t (1.7 tons)


- Extendable Antennae
- Infrared Vision
- Super Speed and Agility


This ferocious predator was created to excel in melee combat. Its incredible reflexes and sturdy exoskeleton more than compensate for its lack of projectile weapons. It strikes with blinding speed and accuracy, slashing its opponents to pieces with its enormous tarsal claws and razor edged, whip-like antennae. It uses its smaller, secondary pair of arms for day-to-day tasks which require fine motor control, such as feeding, grooming, nest maintenance, etc. Although it's primarily carnivorous, Tamers have reported that this Kreature also has an affinity for fruit, honey, tree sap and other sweets.