Pronunciation: "RIZZ-ligg"
Type: Battle Kreature, Worker Kreature, Feeder Kreature
Rank: B-

Adult Size

Height: 1.63m (5'4'')
Length: 2.49m (8'2'')
Weight: 1.1t (1.2 tons)


- Brute Strength
- Keen Hearing
- Scent Tracking



This rugged Kreature is designed as a versatile beast of burden. It is endowed with great lifting and pulling strength, allowing it to transport cargo through areas with rough terrain where vehicles have trouble navigating. When under attack, it uses its armoured skull and short, reinforced neck like a battering ram to trample its foes. Its bizarre, star shaped nose is highly sensitive, and capable of manipulating objects with its prehensile tentacles. Rizzlyg flesh is marbled, with a robust flavour like high quality beef crossed with bacon. Though it is an omnivorous scavenger that will eat just about anything, the meat is most delicious when it is fed a nutritious, balanced diet of fresh foodstuffs.