Pronunciation: "ROW-gone"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 1.2m (4')
Length: 2.7m (9'1'')
Weight: 63kg (140lbs)


- Brawling
- Athleticism
- Keen vision



This Kreature is the meta-form of Gogon. It's still a good climber, but at this stage in its life cycle it becomes an herbivore and lives a solitary existence on the ground. It has grown blades all over its body, each of which has its own use. The blade on its head is for chopping foliage as it explores the jungle or constructs a new nest to sleep in each night. The blades on its elbows are for display. The blade on its tail functions as a grappling hook as it climbs. In a pinch, all of them can be used as weapons.