Species: Domonid
Height: 106.6cm (3’5”)
Team: (None)
Mate: – Single –
Birthday: May 19 DAC5196
Fav Colours: Blue, purple, ultraviolet
Likes: Technology, bugs, trees
Dislikes: Wide open spaces, water
Debut: Chapter 05, page 09


Riidya is spunky, competitive and somewhat short-tempered, but she’s more sweet and generous than she lets on. An alumni of the Zaito City Tamer Academy, she’s determined to prove her worth in the professional Kreature Combat circuit. She’s rather tech-savvy and enjoys tinkering with machines.


A talented defensive fighter, Riidya uses her Kreatures to endure, avoid or redirect her opponents’ attacks.


Name: Zok
Rank: D+
Sex: Female

Zok is Riidya’s first Kreature. Though she looks ferocious, she’s actually pretty docile. With her hard protective exoskeleton, long nimble legs and the ability to spray a cloud of noxious irritant gas, she fits Riidya’s combat style perfectly and is her favourite Kreature.

Albino Mardax

Name: Dusk
Rank: D
Sex: Female