Pronunciation: "SCRAG-gull"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Height: 48cm (1'7'')
Length: 71cm (2'4'')
Wingspan: 1.04m (3'5'')
Weight: 3.6kg (8lbs)


- Corrosive Fecal Bomb
- Acidic Projectile Vomit
- Aquatic Respiration



A Kreature designed for oceanic reconnaissance. It can soar effortlessly for up to 10,000 kilometres and breathe underwater. It is omnivorous and it has a special salt-secreting gland which allows it to drink seawater without becoming dehydrated. Unfortunately, the same talents that make it an excellent scout also make it a destructive pest; flocks of Feral Scraggulls will mob people and Wild Kreatures to steal their food. Its vomit and faeces are extremely caustic, capable of dissolving slabs of concrete as if they were sugar cubes. Docks where these Kreatures gather frequently need to be replaced.