Pronunciation: "SCUM-ling"
Type: Domestic Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Height: 51cm (1'8'')
Weight: 10.4kg (23lbs)


- Extendable Weeds
- Regeneration


This Kreature was designed for decorative purposes, to add a splash of red to underwater gardens and provide food for aquatic Kreatures. It is very hardy, feeding on detritus and able to survive in polluted water. It can sharpen the edges of its weeds and extend them many times its own length, overwhelming its opponents with a mass of razor sharp prehensile appendages. Feral Scumlings have a habit of clustering together in large numbers and entangling passing objects. It has been used this way intentionally during wartime, by seeding enemy harbours with large masses of Scumling to prevent the deployment of enemy ships.