Pronunciation: “Skew-thon”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C+

Adult Size

Length: 7.3m (24′)
Weight: 249kg (550lbs)


– Infrasonic pulse
– Brute strength
– Scent tracking
– Infrared detection



The series of overlapping armoured scutes on its back lend this Kreature its name, which it can use to generate ultra low-frequency vibrations that can form destructive shockwaves or protective barriers. Though it has enough strength in its coils to crush the bones of its prey, instead it will squeeze just hard enough to disrupt its victim’s circulation and stop its heart. Designed for combat in hot, humid swamps, it can swim with incredible speed and hold its breath underwater for up to six hours. Occasionally it will haul itself out on land to ambush prey in the trees or undergrowth, or simply to bask in the sun.