Pronunciation: "SKEE-tarr"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D+

Adult Size

Length: 94cm (3'1'')
Wingspan: 1.57m (5'2'')
Weight: 9kg (20lbs)


- Energy drain
- Supersonic buzz
- Anti-coagulant saliva



Skeetahr is the meta-form of Swampworm and shares its parasitic and predatory habits. It will disorient its opponents by flapping its wings to emit an ear-splitting buzz. It can adjust the volume of this attack so it can sneak up on its victims without being heard right away. It will drive its proboscis deep into smaller prey and suck out all the bodily fluids, leaving nothing but a desiccated husk of skin and bones. It will be so fat afterwards that it can't fly.