Pronunciation: “SKEW-uh-ZARR”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Height: 64cm (2’1”)
Length: 2.21m (7’3”)
Weight: 20.4kg (45lbs)


– Super Speed
– Cytotoxic venom


A ferocious Kreature designed for close range combat in desert biomes. Its main weapon is the long, deadly blade on the end of its tail, which can strike faster than the eye can see; it is also armed with venomous claws and saliva. It scuttles with blinding speed across the desert, not just to get the drop on its prey, but in order to minimize contact with the burning hot sand. It will raise its belly off the sand and stand on only two of its legs at a time to try to keep cool. When it isn’t hunting, it prefers to sleep in its nest deep underground. It will plug the entrance with Medithorn‘s discarded cholla balls to keep out intruders.