Pronunciation: "SNAP-uh-MAN-der"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B+

Adult Size

Height: 2.54m (8'4'')
Length: 5.23m (17'2'')
Weight: 1.9t (2.1 tons)


- Brute Strength
- Brawling
- Burrowing
- Aquatic Respiration



This Kreature is the meta-form of Mudlogger. Lightning-quick strikes from its mighty jaws, in combination with its armoured body and thick hide, make it an offensive and defensive powerhouse. It has rugged determination to go along with its combat prowess; when it clamps its razor-sharp beak onto an opponent, it will hold fast and refuse to let go until it takes a chunk out or is dislodged. Though it's lost its gills, it can still breathe underwater by absorbing oxygen through membranes lining the inside of its threat.