Pronunciation: “So-LAY-lee-an”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: A

Adult Size

Height: 3.7m (12'3'')
Length: 9.14m (30')
Wingspan: 12.50m (41')
Weight: 2.6t (2.9 tons)


- Solar Ray
- Heat Shield
- Infrared detection
- Super Strength
- Super Speed and Agility



Upon the resurrection of Zictroe, this fearsome diurnal hunter was created specifically to counter it. It shares the same base genome as its rival, making it equally difficult to mass produce and similarly coveted among Kreature Tamers. It comes out during the afternoon to empower itself with solar energy. By utilizing its body as a solar panel, it can protect itself with its Heat Shield ability, which makes it too hot to touch and enables it to scald opponents through physical contact. Zictroe and Solielian's hatred for one another seems to be genetic. Even freshly cultivated specimens who have never met before will instinctively attack each other on sight.