Pronunciation: "Spike-AR"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 1.37m (4'6'')
Length: 3.68m (12'1'')
Weight: 1.8t (2 tons)


- Rocket Propulsion
- Brute Strength



This heavily armoured Kreature is designed for high speed combat. Its wheels are connected to internal biological rotary engines that allow it to roll around. It cooks up a potent cocktail of high-octane chemicals in its cloaca, which it ignites to propel it foreword. This Kreature favours a brutally direct approach to battle. Its skull, neck and shell are reinforced, adapted for ramming; it will crash into its opponent's legs at speeds in excess of 700kph, toppling them onto its back to be cut open by its dorsal spikes. If it's flipped onto its back, its spines will keep it tilted at an angle, allowing it to use its horn to easily righten itself.