Pronunciation: “SPY-der-roach”
Type: Feeder Kreature, Battle Kreature
Rank: D-

Adult Size

Length: 10cm (4”)
Weight: 225g (0.5 lbs)


– Keen senses
– Super Speed
– Neurotoxic venom
– Electrostatic silk


This Kreature was designed for surveillance and infiltration, though the wild kreature which supplied its base genome was already so well suited to the task that it didn’t require too much modification. Because of this, Spideroaches easily become feral and have established populations in most of Dimentiara’s major cities, where they thrive in abandoned buildings, storm drains and other dark, damp places. These Kreatures are highly gregarious, constructing nests where dozens or even hundreds of individuals will gather. They will surge an electric current through the silken threads of the nest when they are disturbed; the more Spideroaches within the nest, the more powerful the shock.