Pronunciation: "SPOR-awth"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C-

Adult Size

Height: 81cm (2'8'')
Weight: 34.9kg (77lbs)


- Toxic Spores
- Regeneration
- Venomous Claws
- Infrared Vision



This Kreature's body is covered in pods which contain toxic spores, each having a different effect. The pod on its head spray spores which cause vivid, nightmarish hallucinations; the shoulder pods induce delirium and nausea; the tail pod emits spores that are reproductive. With its opponent confused and disoriented by the spores, it will finish them off by using its claws to inject them with neurotoxic venom. It abhors bright lights and dry heat. Feral Sporoths will congregate in caves, mines, storm drains and other dank, humid locales. Other Kreatures quickly learn to avoid these areas.