Species: Human
Height: 175cm (5’9”)
Team: Crimson Lightning
Significant Other: – Single –
Birthday: May 24 DAC5196
Fav Colours: Orange, black, purple
Likes: Painting, bike riding, gymnastics
Dislikes: Killjoys, creepers, brussels sprouts
Debut: Interval 04


Suzy is Kate and Gene’s apprentice. She acts perpetually cheerful and her head often seems lost in the clouds. She’s unconditionally nice and likes pretty much everyone she meets unless they’re an exceptionally awful person. She’s rather eccentric, treating her menagerie of bristling, nightmarish, venomous, predatory Kreatures like her babies. She tries to maintain an optimistic outlook, having faith that things will eventually work out, even in the face of utter hopelessness. She doesn’t like to make others worry, so whatever doubts or fears Suzy may have, she’ll sweep under the rug and pretend to ignore.


Suzy has a very unorthodox combat style that surprises and bewilders her opponents. She can be unexpectedly dangerous in battle.


Name: Gumdrop
Rank: D
Sex: Female


Name: Jammy
Rank: C
Sex: Female