Species: Human
Height: 163cm (5’4”)
Team: Phantom Echo
Boytoy: Alex Duval
Birthday: December 4th DAC5196
Fav Colours: Black, purple, red, blue
Likes: Mischief, lechery
Dislikes: Boredom
Debut: Chapter 08, page 01


The Tassin Twins are young, wealthy, eccentric Kreature Taming prodigies. While some of their “creepy identical twins” shtick is sincere, they also seem to cultivate it and get a kick out of seeing people squirm. They absolutely adore Ben and flirt with him whenever they meet. It’s ill-advised to drop your guard around them, as they’re incorrigible pranksters and often up to no good. However, the Twins are not completely identical. Sean is more smooth and outgoing, while Julien is more impudent and haughty. Kreature Combat seems to be the only thing they take seriously.


The Twins’ fighting style is elegantly synchronized, with Sean using his Kreatures to defend and Julien using his to attack, each brother’s strengths covering the others flaws.


Name: Jim and Niq
Rank: D+
Sex: Male, Female

Sean and Julien own a male/female pair of Gymnodiqs. The male, “Jim”, belongs to Julien, and “Niq”, the female, belongs to Sean. The Twins can tell their Kreatures apart at a glance, but the differences are known only to them, so they can maintain a tactical advantage.