Pronunciation: “TRASH-am-bull”
Type: Cleaner Kreature, Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 1.68m (5′6'')
Weight: 86kg (190lbs)


– Slime toss
– Regeneration
– Blade shot



Trashamble is the meta form of Littervore. It assimilates PVC, metal, animal bones and whatever rigid chunks of waste it can find to grow itself an endoskeleton, which makes its body less malleable but allows it to stand fully erect. The serrated blades on its arms are used to chop up its food, but in a pinch it can use them as melee or projectile weapons; if they’re broken or lost it can grow new ones. It wanders the streets at night, raiding trash cans, but since it leaves nothing behind nobody seems to care.