Pronunciation: “TROE-sea”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C-

Adult Size

Height: 1.75m (5’9”)
Weight: 71lbs (32.2kg)


– Projectile Pollen Bombs
– Phototoxic Acid Emission
– Vibration Detection
– Neurotoxic Venomous Thorns


The application of a genetic patch will metamorphose Bulboid into Trosie. This stage in its life cycle incorporates more plant DNA. As a result, it doesn’t smell quite as bad, but it is also less intelligent. It makes up with its lack of eyesight with highly sensitive vibration detection, as well as extendable vines which it can use as both feelers and as tendrils for ensnaring its prey. Its former eye sockets have been remodeled into pores that spew poisonous sap. It can secrete this same poison from its leaves and vines to inflict horrendous burning rashes, similar to giant hogweed, but more severe.