Pronunciation: “TUSS-crock”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: A-

Adult Size

Length: 23’5” (7.14m)
Weight: 2.7t (3 tons)


– Scalding Foam
– Infrasound Projection
– Aestivation
– Osmoregulation
– Vibration Detection



This Kreature was created for amphibious ambush attacks and point defence in both fresh and brackish water. A pair of tusks in its lower jaw project up through small holes in its upper lip, making it appear as though it has a pair of small horns when its jaws are closed. It can attack opponents with torrents of superheated foam and blasts of ultra low-frequency vibrations; or crush them with its jaws, which are among the most powerful of any Kreature. It’s extremely patient and observant, watching and waiting for days or weeks for the perfect opportunity to strike. If need be, it can enter periods of extended aestivation, burrowing into the mud and encasing itself in a slimy cocoon. It can remain in this dormant state for up to five years.