Species: Human
Height: 157cm (5’2”)
Team: Paolino
Significant Other: (Single)
Birthday: May 2 DAC5182
Fav Colours: Blue, white, gold
Likes: Profits, power, prestige
Dislikes: Her corporate rivals
Debut: Chapter 05, page 06


Vanessa is the leader of the Paolino team and the vice president of K-TEK, which she stands to inherit from her father someday. Her effervescent personality belies her shrewd character; she’ll speak politely and wear a smile on her face while she pitches a shady business scheme. She has a lot in common with Kristy, sharing her talent, sophistication and wry sense of humour. Vanessa treats her favorably and may see her as more than just a friend. She flaunts her wealth with a huge collection of rare and powerful Kreatures.


Vanessa’s approach to battle is the same as Kristy’s but she has a dedicated staff who trains her Kreatures for her, allowing Vanessa to spend more time on other pursuits.


Name: ???
Rank: ???
Sex: ???