Pronunciation: “Vell-AIR-uh”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 1.60m (5’3”)
Length: 6.58m (21’7”)
Weight: 1.0t (1.1 tons)


– Super speed and agility
– Electrogenesis
– Keen hearing


It has a proud demeanor and loves to show off with ostentatious displays of speed, so its tamer should build it a large enclosure with wide open spaces for it to run. In addition to the ears on its head, it has earlike appendages on its elbows and ankles with which it can hear even the softest sounds from a great distance. If need be, it can close them off to prevent sensory overload. Its tail contains a battery of electroreceptor organs that generate an electric current through its tail, enabling it to shock opponents with its tailblade.