Species: Human
Height: 183cm (6')
Team: Wyldcard
Girlfriend: - single -
Birthday: September 19 DAC5183
Fav Colours: Silver, black
Likes: Money, status, beautiful women
Dislikes: Bad luck
Debut: Chapter 02, Page 07


Drawn to the sport of Kreature Combat for the glory and prize money, Wade founded the Wyldcard team as a bid to escape the soul-crushing tedium of his former career as a telemarketer. He's a natural showman who seems aware of the fourth wall, or at the very least considers himself the hero of his own story. He likes to pull rank, delegating his administrative minutia so he can focus on promoting the team. He's rather arrogant and stubborn, but he is a competent leader in spite of his vices.



Though he is a very talented Tamer, Wade's approach to combat eschews subtlety in favour of using his Kreatures to show off with flashy, macho displays of force.


Name: Achilles
Rank: C
Sex: Male

Wade and his Torkyrax share a lot in common, and as a result, they enjoy a close bond. Achilles has a penchant for showboating and will go above and beyond to impress his Tamer. During training or leisure time he often attempts to assert dominance over the Wyldcard team's other Kreatures.



Name: Stompy
Rank: C
Sex: Male

Stompy is stubborn, feisty and loves to roughhouse. He can be tough to handle, even for Wade, but his combination of strength, speed and armour makes him an invaluable asset to the Wyldcard team.



Limited Edition Pink Eteep

Name: Mr. Tickles
Rank: D-
Sex: Male

The beloved pet of Wade’s ex-girlfriend, Rita, who Wade adopted when she moved to another province. Wade originally bought him for her and the little furball set him back quite a bit. Mr. Tickles may seem cute and cuddly but he’s actually a furry little parasite with a penchant for burrowing, clawing, arson and leg humping.