Species: Platrox
Height: 61cm (2')
Occupation: Wyldcard team mascot
Mate: -single-
Birthday: September 8 DAC5197
Fav Colours: Green, yellow, orange
Likes: Scheming, fighting, ranting, himself
Dislikes: Being ignored
Debut: Chapter 02, Page 05


As far as anyone knows Wally’s just some Kreature that Dennis adopted. His unusual intelligence might be the result of a top-secret experiment, but he'd rather not attract attention from those who'd want to reverse-engineer him so his lips are sealed. Since Platroxes are capable of mimicking speech anyway, talking doesn't seem to blow his cover. Wally is a pompous blowhard with a colossal ego who desires no less than complete subjugation of the entire universe; until then he’ll settle for being the Wyldcard team’s mascot in exchange for free room and board.