Pronunciation: "WORM-flow-er"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B-

Adult Size

Length: 9.35m (30'8'')
Weight: 1.2t (1.3 tons)


- Acidic adhesive sap
- Burrowing



This Kreature lies in wait for its prey underground, attached to a pod connected to prehensile roots which seize its prey. In the event that it needs to fight or escape, its stem can detach from the subterranean pod for greater agility and then take root elsewhere. Usually the victim is constricted and torn to pieces, but sometimes it will keep the prey intact, deposit seeds into the orifices, and dispose of it; the seeds will then germinate and use the carcass as fertilizer. Wyrmflowers are used by the military as biological booby-traps, trained to immobilize their prey rather than kill it.