Pronunciation: "ZEE-nova"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: A

Adult Size

Height: 2.24m (7'4'')
Weight: 1.1t (1.2 tons)


- Telekinesis
- Extrasensory Perception
- Energy Drain
- Heat Emission
- Super Speed


This experiment in developmental biology went terribly awry and was harnessed as a super-weapon. It has a contradictory yearning to experience life but also remain secure in its egg. To this end it's developed immense psychic power, allowing it to levitate, create barriers, conjure pyrokinetic energy blasts, distort an opponent's senses, and detect the brainwaves of organisms as small as insects from hundreds of miles away. It feeds by draining the K-Matter from other Kreatures and converting it into nutrients. If it's frightened, it will recombine its orbiting shell fragments into a complete eggshell and close itself off from the outside world until it feels safe, using the boiling liquids in its amniotic sac to make it too hot to touch.