Pronunciation: “Yeh-TEE-gore”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: A-

Adult Size

Height: 3.1m (10’4”)
Weight: 1.2t (1.3 tons)


– Earthquake stomp
– Super strength
– Super speed
– Freeze claw


The algae growing in Grassquatch‘s fur and skin has antibiotic properties, so when prolong exposure to cold weather causes the algae to die off it becomes vulnerable to infection by a parasite that forcibly transforms it into its meta-form: Yetigore. No longer shy and reclusive, it has mutated into a crazed, bloodthirsty, rampaging cannibal, its parasites affecting its pituitary gland, leaving it in a perpetual state of hunger. Upon seizing its prey with its claws it will inject it with ice, which renders the victim immobile as they’re eaten alive. Although a genetic patch can be used to help Grassquatch metamorphose without parasites, Yetigore remains an exceptionally vicious Kreature that only the most skilled Tamers can handle.