Pronunciation: "ZARR-larr"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 60.9cm (2'11'')
Length: 1.2m (4'5'')
Weight: 86.1kg (190lbs)


- Energy Drain
- Scent Tracking
- Night Vision
- Echolocation



Zarlar is the meta-form of Zarling. Though it's lost its wings, it's still a strong and agile climber; it prefers to haul its kill up a tree so it can drink its blood without being disturbed. It prefers its meat fresh and bloody. Its Tamer can trick it into taking frozen/thawed meat by wiggling it around to simulate movement. Its robust body is built for grappling rather than long distance running, so it will attack its victims unexpectedly from above or behind, dispatching it with its array of razor sharp claws and teeth.