Pronunciation: “ZICK-troe”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: A

Adult Size

Height: 3.5m (11’5”)
Length: 7.6m (25′)
Wingspan: 10.6m (35′)
Weight: 2.5t (2.8 tons)


– Moon Beam
– Lunar Phase
– Night Vision
– Super Strength
– Super Speed and Agility



This ferocious nocturnal predator was found in suspended animation in an ancient abandoned laboratory on the continent of Severax. No records of its creation are known to exist, so its origins are shrouded in mystery. Since it was discovered, it has proven very difficult to reverse-engineer, even compared to other Rank A Kreatures. There are only a handful of specimens in existence, making it a valuable prize among Kreature Tamers. It’s stealthy as it is strong, blending into the night sky and empowering itself with lunar energy. Seemingly aware of its overwhelming power, it has extremely keen fighting instincts and a self-assured, almost haughty demeanour. It will only mindlink with a Tamer who can earn its respect.