Pronunciation: “GECK-sore”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 1.04m (3’5”)
Length: 2.24m (7’4”)
Weight: 45.3kg (100lbs)


– Wall Crawling
– Rapid Regeneration
– Night Vision
– Athleticism



Geksaur is the meta-form of Gekkoid. Upon reaching this stage in its life cycle it has grown a long prehensile tail and gained the ability to stand on its hindlegs. During the day it hides in hollow trees or crevices, waking up at night to hunt. Its eyes are protected by translucent scales instead of eyelids, which it will lick clean with its tongue. With its adhesive paws it can climb on nearly any solid surface and tear off tracts of an opponent’s skin with a brutal sticky slap. Most Tamers consider this Kreature to be worthless because it has a rotten attitude and a stubborn will that belies its rank.