Sheesh, no status reports since February? Time to fix that.

Progress on Chapter 05 has, unfortunately, been coming along much more slowly than I’d anticipated. Part of it is admittedly procrastination (ugh, crowd scenes, why do I do this to myself) but I’ve also been doing script revisions, development for upcoming characters, restructuring my outlines and practicing some new art techniques. Inking in Clip Studio Paint is REALLY fun and I’ve been tempted to switch over to it entirely but I think I’m better off sticking with Photoshop until I’ve gotten the basics down.

The character art on the cast page is looking pretty outdated. I’m gonna need to set aside some time to redrawing them. Also promotional art. When I’ve created my backlog I want to start promoting my webcomic more aggressively and try to expand my audience.

Uuuugh. I hate doing this, I’m still hoping I can get my act together and get the next 2-3 chapters done by the end of spring, but I miiiiiiiiiight need to extend the length of the hiatus to fall. Nobody reads webcomics during the summer anyway. I hope my handful of readers can be understanding! If/when I ever do another webcomic I’m not gonna launch it until I’ve drawn at least 50 pages in advance.

Anyway, that’s more-or-less what I’ve been up to lately.