Pronunciation: “Tuh-NYDE”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C-

Adult Size

Height: 66cm (2’2”)
Length: 2.82m (9’3″)
Weight: 31.3kg (69lbs)


– Electrogenesis
– Sensory Whiskers
– Super Speed and Agility
– Flammable Musk


This Kreature is the meta-form of Landaide. Upon metamorphosing to this stage in its life cycle, it becomes more suited to hunting on the ground rather than in trees. This abrupt lifestyle change keeps Feral Lanaides and Tanaides from competing for the same prey. Female Tanaides will stick to meadows on the edges of forests so the Lanaides they give birth to will have a place to climb; however, males will stick entirely to the open plains, hunting in coalitions of up to four members. It can project electricity from its claws and tail, and it is armed with a pair of anal glands that spray a horrible noxious chemical. It fires the first smelly shot as a warning, but if an opponent persists on attacking it will use a spark of electricity from its tail to ignite its second shot, scorching them with a blast of high octane flames. Sometimes it will use this same technique to give itself an extra boost of speed while pursuing fleet-footed targets.