Fighting fighting fighting more fighting. These last two chapters have been really action packed! My inner writer yearns to flesh out these characters; my inner artist just wants to go on auto-pilot for a few weeks with some nice simple talking heads. Either way I’m looking foreword to taking a break from all this action. I advertise Battle Kreaturez as a character driven webcomic but so far it’s just been one battle scene after another!

There may or may not be a page this Saturday. Due to procrastination extenuating circumstances this is the last page left in my buffer. Will I get page 3-1 AND a title page completed in time? We’ll just have to wait and see. I’d like to go at least another two months without resorting to my emergency filler comics.

As for obligatory site updates: Kristy has been added to the cast page, which is looking like a real sausage-fest right about now. Worry not Kristy, there will be more female characters soon enough. Also Siervar has been added to the Kreature archive.