Sorry about the sudden brief hiatus! My lower neck and wrist were killing me and I needed a break. By the time I felt better Tuesday was already over, so I figured I’d just wait for Saturday’s update.

Despite the fact that I had several days of lead in I only just barely finished this page in time. I’ve been playing around with some new art techniques. I’ve made some pretty big breakthroughs recently! A shame my backgrounds still don’t look better. How I wish I had a backlog.

To make up for the lack of a comic last week I uploaded a shitload of Kreature profiles: Spongely, Spongelar, Spongelin, Spongelord, Pterrask, Sharpeak, Cleavbill and Guillojaw have all been added to the Kreature Archive! Also here’s a legible version of Ben’s KCF profile. His stats are mediocre!