Yeesh, three weeks since my last comic update? I’m terribly sorry. I wish I had a good excuse, this page isn’t even complicated compared to any of the others I’ve drawn, but I found myself unable to work on it for any extended length of time and had to complete it in little bursts of activity here and there. I’ve just been feeling crappy and stressed-out lately and I lost my will to draw. Anyway, as a minor consolation, here’s the page a day early. Thanks in advance to those of you who have had the patience to bear with me. After I finish Chapter 04 I’ll probably put the comic on hiatus for a couple months so I can build up a buffer in case I get burned out again.

This scene was a relatively late addition to the script. I anticipated that readers would compare Kreature Combat to cockfighting and went out of my way to address it. The cockfighting analogy doesn’t work because Battle Kreatures are not animals, they’re monsters created in laboratories specifically for combat. Since it makes no sense to create something to perform a task that it hates, it stands to reason that Battle Kreatures would enjoy combat by design, which would result in negative consequences if this particular form of enrichment was not provided.

As for site updates, some drawings have been added to the Art Gallery, and Shreema, Mushreath, Fungislither, Fungisaucer, Keereep, Minithorn, Neerou and Slimok have been added to the Kreature Archive.