I actually finished this page yesterday! I’m starting to finally gain a bit of headway here.

New day, different clothes! Giving them alternate outfits helps to break up the tedium when you’re drawing the same characters all the time. Wade is very expressive. He’s more fun to write than he is to draw and I’ve been trying to rectify that. I’m slightly annoyed that there’s been more interaction between Wade and Kristy so far than there has between Dennis and Kristy, but he’s been busy with Ben so whatever. At least I enjoy writing their banter.

Overly-serious-killjoy leading female webcomic characters are a pervasive cliché I don’t care for. I occasionally worry Kristy might come off that way but hopefully her wry sense of humour offsets that; responsible characters don’t need to be boring.

As for site updates, it’s been raining sea serpents around here! Gwatkaroe, Serpentros, Lauc and Ladarg have been added to the Kreature Archive.