Salutations, rancid hominids! Since my last post the author has foiled my plot and reclaimed his site. However, he’s granted me permission from here on out to continue posting my comic pages whenever he’s behind schedule and needs to buy time, the lazy primate! I can draw ten of these masterpieces in a single day, what’s HIS excuse? Anyway, my propaganda campaign is back on track!

As part of this arrangement I am contractually obligated to make the readers aware of the author’s recent site updates. He’s added some new drawings to the Art Gallery. Also, Unibird, Bizzbuzz, Ishooknook, Kastan, Kastak, Kastal, Dyrobo, Sprintore, Cyblade and Foresprite have been added to the Kreature Archive! He also finally removed that annoying pop-up and added content warnings to the site banners.